About Us

This website is the idea of Patrick J. Fischer – Chief Evangelist of Low Vision Advisor.  Through his 33 years in the high-technology field, most of which was spent helping the blind and visually impaired, Patrick has reached out to many professionals he knows to help with this website.  Through his company, eventually called Vision Helpers (2006-2014), he began dedicating his career to helping people with blindness and low vision by providing technology.  In 2014 he merged all manufacturers represented by Vision Helpers with NanoPac, Inc., and works for them helping persons with low vision.  Link to NanoPac, Inc.

The Low Vision Advisor is made up of a team of professionals that believe that technology is the best way to improve the lives of the blind and visually impaired.

“Everybody with low vision is different and has different needs, but everybody with low vision, or anybody helping someone with low vision, needs to know about their local resources to get the best help.” Says Patrick J. Fischer