VR headset that allows persons with low vision the ability to see

Immerse Eyewear is brand name of digital Eyewear that uses a VR headset that allows persons with low vision the ability to see.

Iris Vision is the leader in this field because they were the first to enter the market last spring with the Iris Vision digital eyewear.  Iris Vision was developed through a partnership with John Hopkins, Chicago lighthouse for the blind, UC Berkeley, and other giants in low vision science, and research.

A person with (AMD) – Age-related Macular Degeneration is able to see faces which is always hard to do when you have AMD.  A person with AMD is also able to read the newspaper, watch TV, and even see the ticket tape at the bottom of a news channel.   The VR headset allows you to continue to wear your eyeglasses while wearing iris Vision.

With Immerse Eyewear a person can stand outside on a bright sunny day and see detail, which is something those with macular degeneration have never been able to do.

Picture below, Patrick J. Fischer (NanoPac, Inc.) wearing Iris Vision.  NanoPac is the dealer for Iris Vision in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Iowa and Nebraska .

“When it comes to technology for persons with low vision, what works for one person does not always work for another person.  With that in mind, everybody with low vision should always try different technology so they can find what works best for them.” says Patrick J. Fischer founder of Low Vision Advisor.

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